Sully Sullivan
PaperWorkPress <p> Test print card for London based Risograph printers. PaperWorkPress <p>Test print card for London based Risograph printers. :( One/Third <p>Typeface designed and drawn using a homemade printing machine. Munich 1972 <p> Using documentary imagery from the infamous terrorist attacks at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Experimenting with the documentary stills in the dark room - cutting up, overlaying and re-exposing them I created a new abstract series of images. These images were then combined, etched onto wood, and relief printed on a press. NowWhat <p>NowWhat branding, flyers, posters, vinyl and publication for the University of Brighton Graphic Design & Illustration degree show in London. <p>In collaboration with:<br>
Laura Gordon, Liv Taylor & Rosie 
Ashley-Lahiff nowwhat Self Promo <p> A2 poster laser etched and hand inked to reveal the image A-B <p> Branding for the University of Brighton graduate degree show 2012 D.O.A.D PaperWorkPress <p>PaperWorkPress is a london based risograph company. <p>In collaboration with javaknees.com paperworkpress EM <p>Sound and Sleeve Design to celebrate the extraordinary life of the Elephant Man Alive D.O.A.D One/Third Surf Maroc <p>Surf Maroc Letterhead, Brochure + Promotional Materials.<p>
In collaboration w/ Laura Gordon Free Creative Labour <p> A Project by and in collaboration Javaknees